About Made By Blu

Hi, my name is Fiona Blumin. Growing up, my life goal has always been to start a company. During quarantine, I took up a new hobby - baking. My mother loves granola - its a staple in her diet, but after years of searching, she had yet to find a granola that was healthy, tasty, and crunchy. I took on the challenge of creating a recipe that would satisfy her taste buds. And to both of our surprise, I succeeded! While my mom may be a bit biased, she claims she finally found the perfect granola in her own kitchen.

Not only are my granolas perfectly crunchy and my nut butters perfectly smooth, but both products are gluten-free, dairy-free, hydrogenated oil-free, and refined-sugar free (except for the occasional add-ons, such as the semi-sweet chocolate chips in my Mocha Granola). Everything is naturally sweetened with honey, agave, or maple syrup and baked with coconut oil. I have always loved granola and nut butters, but most brands sell products that are extremely high in sugar and include unhealthy hydrogenated-oils, so I thought why not curate the perfect recipe that is both tasty and healthy.

After hearing my mother tell me “I can’t live without this granola” on a daily basis, I thought maybe others would feel the same and become as equally addicted. My entrepreneurial spirit sparked and Made By Blu was born.

Some of my most popular granola flavors are cranberry almond, S'mores, and Banana Nut, and my best-selling nut-butters are mocha almond butter and cinnamon honey cashew butter. If you would like follow along my granola and nut butter making journey, please follow me on instagram @MadeByBlu_ or like my facebook page @Made By Blu. While I do have this website made, a more sophisticated (and aesthetically pleasing) one is in the works!

Thank you for all of the support!